Skill and drill -12-15 minutes
~Pic 2-3 skills from each area of weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk), power lifting (squat, dead lift, press), or gymnastics (body weight), and work on skills and drills for an area of each that you want to spend more time on.
~If you missed a strength session from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday you can also make that up in this section.

Teams of 3:
Sprint Tri

50 slam balls

25 cal AB
500m row

~Teams of 3 must complete 3 rounds of this

~However for this workout, each person is working @ the same time and you cannot switch untill all 3 teammates have completed their movement.
~One round is done when each person completes all 3 movements
~Teams must rest 3 minutes bt. Each round and start @ a different spot each round