3-5 minutes of movement prep
TGU x 3 minutes – light weight
Goblet squat x 20 reps
Scap pull ups x 20 reps


A1 Back Squat with 3 sec. pause in bottom x 3×3 @ 70%
A2 Single leg RDL x 8/side x 3
A3 DB bent over row x 8/side x 3
Teams of 2 must complete the following:
5 minute armap
60ft. sled push @ 6/4 plates
while partner holds double kb’s in front rack (55/35# per hand)

rest 2 minutes

5 minute amrap
Burpee pull ups x 5
while partner holds a plate OH (45/25#)

rest 2 minutes

5 minute amrap
20m d-ball front rack walking lunge, 50/30#
partner does rope slams while partner is doing walking lunges

Cool down
banded leg stretch x 30sec. per direction
Cobra to child’s pose x 15
wall stretch x 30 sec. per side