3-5 minutes of movement prep
Goblet squats x 10 with 2 sec. pause
TGU x 3 minutes – light weight
Single leg rDL x 10/side


Teams of 2 must complete the following workouts for total rounds and reps:
This will be done in a “follow the leader” format, where once your partner finishes a movement then you go, for example in Group A; P1 does 1 squat then P2 does 1 squat, P1 does 1 rope climb, then P2 does 1 rope climb etc…

Group A:
ascending ladder 1-2-3-4-5… in 7 minutes
Front Squat (floor) @ 50%
rope climb

rest 3

Group B:
ascending ladder… in 7 minutes
Strict pull ups
Sled push (10m)

rest 3

Group C:
ascending ladder 3-6-9-12… in 7 minutes
Bench Press @ 60%
Double kb russian swing, 55/35# per hand

rest 3

Group D:
ascending ladder 4-8-12-16 …. in 7 minutes
Abmat sit ups
Strict dips

Scale options
~ you can do this without a partner
~ scale up the FS weight, but it must come from the ground.