minutes of movement prep
Lateral squats x 10/side
Skater squats x 10/side
Single leg DL x 10/side
bottoms up press x 10/side


A1 Wide grip rDL x 10×3
A2 PP + PJ; 1+1(2) x 3 sets
“Crush Town”
teams of 2 must complete the following for time
10 rope climbs
20 wall walks
40 box jumps, 24/20″
60 ball slams, 30/20#
80 KB swings, 55/35#
100 calorie row

**if there is a big class then some groups can start on the wall walks for 20 reps and go to the rope climbs after that

**if you really feel tough.. then go at this one solo

Cool Down
Partner OH stretch x 30 sec. x 2
Lizard pose x 30sec. x 2
pigeon pose x 30sec. x 2