seated wall angels w/ leg’s crossed x 15

bottoms up press x 10/side

single arm (child’s pose) reach/ext. rot./elevation x 5/side

lateral squats x 10/side

goblet squats x 10



A.1 Back Squat; 50×5, 60×5, 70x5x2

A.2 Weighted pull up x 3-5 x4 sets


“triple lindy”

5 rounds

12 DB thrusters

9 pull ups

6 burpees

100m sprint

rest 60 sec. bt. rounds


*choose appropriate db thruster weight, but should be unbroken each round.  Think of this as five sprints with a rest between each set.


Closer (optional)

v-ups x 10

seated twist x 20

vertical toe touches x 10

x2 rounds