A1 RDL x 10×3
A2 Weighted dip @ 5/3/2 tempo x 2 reps x 3 sets (5 sec. hold, 3 sec. lower, 2 sec. hold then press out)
A3 seated high box jumps x 3×3 — scale up to depth jumps
teams of 2 must complete the following for max burpees
20 minutes – every 2nd minute
3 TnG C&J w/ perfect form – should take about 6 sec.
35 sec. am rap barbell facing burpees

P1 goes @ every even minute
P2 goes @ every odd minute
**goal is to perform 3 quick and perfect TnG C&J – choose a weight that’s appropriate for each person
then as many barbell facing burpees in 30 sec.. So, each person will e working for 40 sec. and then rest for 1:20 before they go again. The workout time should be around 90% of max effort