3-5 minutes of workout prep
seated wall angels x 15
bottoms up kb press x 10/side
lateral goblet squats x 10
goblet skater squats x 10/side


A.1 Back Squat; 50×3, 60×3, 70×3, 80×3, 85x2x2
A.2 Strict pull up (high) x 3 + Kipping pull up x 3 + Kipping CTB pull up x 3 x 6 sets (start @ 70% of BS)
3 rounds
5 thrusters
500m row
15 burpees
rest 2 minutes bt. rounds

**must increase weight each round on the thruster, and you must take it from the ground
**score is time for each round and total weight lifted for the thruster

Cool Down
doggy pose x 2 minutes
pigeon pose x 2 minutes per leg
calve stretch x 2 minutes per leg