3-5 minutes workout prep
KB arm bar x 10 sec. hold
seated wall angels x 10
Push up plus x 10
Skater squat x 8/side
v-ups x 10 EmOM x 3


A. 10 minute eMOM
odd = 5-6 bench press
even = 5/side renegade rows **no push up
B. 10 minute EmOM
odd = 20 double unders + 4 db power snatch (2/arm) @ 55-70/20-40# per arm
you can scale up to 100/70 too here.. should be heavier
even = 20 sec. zercher walk (with d-ball or kb’s in front rack)..
no over ext. with the zercher walk.. squeeze your midline and lock down the ribs
C. 10 minute amrap
20m seal walk
15/12 cal on aB
3 burpee broad jumps for max distance

Cool down
doggy pose x 60 sec.
PVC t-spine rolling x 2 minutes
Upper lat rolling x 60 sec. per side