A bunch of strangers coming together to get top 10 this weekend. Says a lot about our community!!!

Warm up
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of movement prep
*ankles, hips, t-spine
3-5 minutes of workout prep
-TGU 1/side
-Double under practice (*goal should be 15-20 UB)


A. Pull up/kip swing tech work – 10 min
B. 20 min EMOM odd – 3 push press even – 2 – 5 strict T2B
30 plank walk outs not for time
(scale up to 15 wall walks)

As a coach here at Savin Rock I want to reflect back on this weekend. This weekend was my first competition in over a year. I can not express how much I learned this weekend. So I have tried to gather up my thoughts and I picked 2 of the coolest moments that to me stand out the most. I have talked about these with some people but I figured I could write them so you all could know.
1. I can not express how cool our community is. Every time I stepped in the “arena” to compete I felt such a rush especially for the 5RM clean. All the people around me yelling and screaming there heads off like if I was Tom Brady. I remember looking around and seeing all you guys that came, staring at me, and expecting so much. I remember hearing Dan Lo’s voice (which is usually the only voice I heard) to breath and all other types of stuff. It was surreal to me. I really felt like I had to do my best not only for me but for you all.
2.And the biggest compliment I got came from Caron and Corinne. I remember Corrine saying I get why you guys (coaches) are always pushing us. She mentioned too how it was cool to see all the coaches execute what we teach everyday. THAT WAS SOOOOO F*CKING SWEET!!! I love being an athlete but I truly do have a passion for coaching. I want to see you guys succeed in all this. It was awesome to see our team do so well. I could not be any happier with there performance and how they handled the pressure of competition .
So all in all it was an awesome weekend and I had so much fun. For all that were there bring that energy back to the gym! Lets keep doing work!