standing arm raise to wall angel x 10
forward wall slide x 10
Knee banded good morning x10
scap pull ups x 10
goblet squats x 10


A1 DB Incline Bench Press x 8x 4 sets
A2 hand over hand sled drag x 30-40ft. x 4 sets (standing position).. make these tough
A3 Side plank ups x 10/side x 4sets
20 minutes on the clock
minute 1 = 15 sec. amrap rope slam
minute 2 = 20-25 unbroken wall balls, 20/14#
minute 3 = 12 no push up burpee box jump, 20/15″
minute 4 = 50m heavy farmers walk
minute 5 = 9 sec. sprint (run or AB)

**you can keep the sled’s inside and drag from blocks to pull up rig

Cool Down
wall stretch x 60 sec. per leg
pigeon pose x 60 sec. per leg
partner OH stretch – accumulate 30 sec.