A1. Back Squat for 4 reps @ 75-80% for 4 sets @ 2xx2 (load body up top)
A2. Strict pull up x x 4 (weighted if you can)
Teams of 3 must complete the following:
For 5 rounds each
150/100m ski erg
12 double kb goblet squats, 35/24# per hand
8 burpee box jumps, 24/20″

Tunnel fashion.. but cannot start next round still partner finishes the triplet

So, P1 starts, once he finishes the row, P2 starts the row, etc.. P1 will continue to push through through workout @ 90% effort until finished with the burpee box jump overs. Once he/she finishes the burpee box jump overs they rest until the 3rd partner finishes all three movements.