9am class is moved to 9:30, Our regular coach is sick and that is the earliest a coach can get there.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

ARE squats x 2 rounds

lateral goblet squats x 10/leg
kip swing on rings… staying hollow and tight x 10
v-ups x 30


A. BS; 3 reps x 5 sets.. building from last week
B. 8-10 minute EmOM =
odd = 5 -7 ring rows – feet elevated @ 2021 tempo or weighted
even = 20-30 sec. of double under work.. body positioning focus here
10 minute amrap
15 cal row
10 squat thrust
5 DB thrusters or kb thruster… use equipement that allows for best rack position throughout the movement


A. BS; 85-90% x 1 rep x 3 sets
B. 8-10 minute EmOM =
odd = 10 perfect pull ups or CTB pull ups or 2-3 MU (you can do more or less reps if needed.. but focus on perfect body positioning here)
even = 20-30 sec. of double unders.. body positioning focus here
3 rounds for time
20 cal row
10 barbell facing burpees
5 thrusters, 135/95#