Warm up
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of movement prep
*ankles, hips, t-spine
3-5 minutes of workout prep
– wall squat
– broad jump
– wall squat
– 10 pulls on rower

A. DL x 1 HPC x 1 FS x 1 x 5 sets
B. Back squat x 5 x 3
3 rounds
400m row
5 push ups
12 box/plate jumps
15 jumping pull ups
30m FW
rest 1 min b/t rounds

A.  Squat Clean; 75% x 2 x 2, 80% x 2 x 2
B.  BS; 65% x 5 x 3
500m row
9 push ups
12 box jumps, 30/24”
15 T2B
30m FW@ 70/55#
rest/walk x 3 minutes x 3 rounds


Progress…moving forward!  Today was one of those days that I personally, as a coach, live for.  Great day today at SRCF!  Every athlete that I had test 1 rep max Deadlift PR’d today, some of them HUGE PRs.  Some just 5 lbs, but at the end of the day everyone has progressed.  We all know that everyday will not be a PR day, and as you train more and more PRs become few and far between but we all keep working, progressing and moving forward and that’s what it’s all about.  I can’t begin to tell you how much watching you all evolve, progress and become healthier and more fit athletes means to me.  We are approaching almost 1 year together as a community since our coaching staff has been implemented and it’s been an amazing ride.  Everyone is doing great an I wanted to thank you all for the hard work and dedication you’ve put in to get to this point.  Tremendous job everyone.  A very close and dear friend of mine has a great saying which is a perfect exclamation point to the hard work everyone put in today.  “Onward an upward!”

~Coach Neil