A1 Front Squat: 2 reps @ 85% x 3 sets
A2 Weighted neutral grip ring pull up x 5 reps x 3 sets w/ 3 sec. lower each time

*warm up for FS should go 50×3, 60×3, 70×3, 80×3
*for the ring pull ups, pull as high as you can, whether that is to the deep chest position or to parallel.

“nutty butter”
7 rounds for time
10 dB renegade rows, 40-45/20-25#
15 wall balls, 20/14#

finisher for those who have time
bi’s x 10×3
tri’s x 10×3

Cool Down
bench oh stretch x 30sec. x2
wall stretch x 30sec. x 2
child’s pose x 10sec. x 3