3 minutes of z1 work
7-10 minutes of mobility work
*ankles, hips, t-spine, shoulders, lats, scaps, glutes
5-7 minutes of workout prep
x-band walks x 10/side
goblet squats x 20
bottoms up press x 10/side
active hang x 30 sec.


A1 DB alternating incline bench press x 10×4 **hold up top
A2 Weighted horizantel rope rows x 6-10×4
**teams of 2 must complete the following
4 rounds
40/30 cal on AB
50 abmat sit ups
60m seal walk
rest 2 minutes bt. rounds

**switching every 10 cal/ 10 reps/ 10m

Cool Down:
pigeon pose x 30sec. per side x 2
wall stretch x 30sec. per side x 2

Sweat Sesh
45 minute row or run or AB
every 10 minutes operate @ 85-90% for 4 minutes then 75-80% for 3 minutes then recovery for 3 minutes