21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of:
Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1
Medicine Ball Sit-up Throw against wall 20/14



CrossFit works if you work it.  It is simple.  Show up, do the work, get the results.  So why can some people follow the recipe and succeed while others just struggle to get here?

As a CrossFit coach I see many people overcome impossible obstacles to achieve success and I see others who are much more gifted who just can’t get their act together.  What accounts for this?

I think it comes down to belief.  Are you a fatalist or do you believe in self determination?

Life will always present challenges to us.  Not enough time, not enough money are our culturally accepted go-tos but poor health, injury, work demands, relationship issues are also obstacles that many of us face.

And there is no question that obstacles will arise and they will slow our progress.  But what you believe will determine whether your progress is slowed or stopped altogether.

The Fatalist.  When meeting a challenge the fatalist sees it as evidence that s/he was right.  I am destined to be overweight my whole life.  Everytime I begin to lose a couple pounds something comes up to derail my efforts. The World is against me, I should simply resign myself to the status quo.  Nothing I do will make any difference anyway.  When the going gets tough, the fatalist quits going.

The Self Determinist.  Sees each challenge as another opportunity to prove him/herself.  There will be set backs but these just measure my determination and committment.  I’ll work through the tough times and come back better than ever.  I may not control events but I can control how I respond to them.  Anything the universe throws my way will simply serve to make me a better/stronger person.  I get to choose how it will be!  When challenges arise, the self determinist rises to the challenge.

You can probably see how these two differing beliefs impact aspects of your life outside of fitness.  I haven’t met a top flight CrossFit athlete who is a failure outside the gym.  Success seems to follow people into every aspect of their lives.

Of course the fatalist just believes some people were born with all the luck.

We all have both beliefs whispering in our ears (I know I do).  But you get to choose which one to listen to.

Are you a fatalist or a self determinist?  Want to know the best measure of this?  Look at your results.

As your coach I quickly discover which belief governs your approach to fitness (and most aspects of your life).  It is apparent in your actions and your outcomes.

And guess what?
Everyone else in your life knows which one you are too.