Turkish Get Up

WOD – Ice Ice Baby

12 Min Amrap

10Push Press 115/75

10 T2B

10 Abmat Situps


The Turkish Get Up (TGU) has apparently a history in the late 19th through early 20th century strong”men” culture. From wherever it harkens, it is a seemingly unique move in that the practitioner moves from a completely prone position to a completely standing position, and then back down to prone. The movement is also done focusing on either side of the body, thus working balance and coordination as well as strength. Over the past few years, the TGU has become a staple particularly in the Kettlebell and CrossFit community. The RKC community in particular has refined the TGU to an  art of movement precision.

One of the best things about the TGU is that each phase of it can be worked separately: one can make progress by working up from prone to elbow and down again, left side for a few reps; right side for a few reps, for instance, just to focus on upper body work.

Overall, the movement works maintaining tension through the core muscles to maintain posture while moving through a suite of positions.