Inspiration is what you make of it!

“Just Can’t Get Enough”

3 Rounds

50 Double Unders

40 Abmat Situps

30 Wallballs

20 Box Jumps

10 Clapping Pushups

Inspiration is what you make of it!

As a trainer, my job is pretty simple. Impart the knowledge necessary to complete the task, and inspire the individual to do so. But this past week, it was the opposite that happened.
So my thinking is this: watching all of you, day after day, is one of the most most inspiring experiences us as coaches can ask for. We come in everyday with the expectation to create an environment that will help to motivate all of you. Each day we are able to witness our members accomplish their goals, set PR’s, and overcome their boundaries. The inspiration lies within each of you.
That afternoon I stood in the gym, smiling, as four athletes stayed after class to work on one of their weaknesses. These athletes not only completed todays WOD, but came in on there own time to perfect another skill. Watching these athletes is truly inspiring. To them it is more than just a workout routine, but it is a sport, it’s a way of life, it’s the community. To not settle with “just getting by” and continue to perfect their weakness is something we strive to instill in our athletes daily.
You may not realize it at some times, but the coaches at Self Made CrossFit are constantly watching you all improve on even the littlest things like getting your toes all the way to the bar during toes to bar when you never could have before, or achieving prescribed full range of motion on pistols when you never thought you’d leave the crutch of the bar to help you.
I guess there is one underlying thing I am trying to express is how proud we are of how far you all have become. But don’t stop there. Perfection is a moving target!