Push Press 6×3

WOD – Elizabeth

Squat Cleans 135/85
Rings Dips


Two months ago, I was walking home from the gym, when a man zipped by me in an electric wheelchair. As he was crossing the street, he hit a pothole and fell sideways, out of his chair and into the middle of the road. From what I could see, I was the only pedestrian nearby, and the cars that were on the road either swerved around him and kept driving, or in one instance, just waited until someone else figured out what to do. I approached the man and asked him if he was hurt, and what I needed to do to help him get back in his chair. He told me that if I could possibly pick up some of his body weight that he could probably get back in using his arms. I was definitely afraid of hurting him, but I knew that I could both deadlift and clean more than this man weighed, so I braced myself and picked him up under the shoulders and legs. When I got him situated back in his chair we were both slightly embarrassed, but I knew that he and I were both grateful that this moment didn’t have to become an emergency situation.

At that moment I was so thankful to have CrossFit in my life, because I was able to get someone out of a really tricky spot without compromising their or my body. Additionally, I felt like I was able to step in with calm and control because I knew what my body was capable of in that moment.

 Is this story true? Well… no it’s not but it’s just an illustration of why we train the way we do. We want to be functional throughout life, and that this example is just a one case scenario of what you might encounter in your travels.