“Dead Bugs”



150 Wallballs for time



As part of the adaptation to CrossFit I have found there is an interesting relationship to the number of pull-ups you can do and the amount of skin on your hands. This relationship is unpleasant reward for learning the kipping pull-up particularly when you are releasing energy from parts of your body to your hand grip. Some would say you need not explore skin loss if you stick with the strict pull-up however not many people can accomplish greater than 15 strict pull-ups without significant training. In fact I have noticed that most who have mastered the kipping pull-up actually lose their ability to perform strict pull-ups over time due to the difference in muscle recruitment patterns.

So what am I getting at? Well… Two things. One is take care of your hands. Use proper tools and techniques to keep them in tip top shape. Two don’t feel that the only way to be good at pull-ups is to learn the kip. Master strict pull-up. This will not only make you stronger, but it will transfer over to kipping as well.