“The Squeeze”

The Squeeze
by Coach Amanda

You hear it multiple times a class.
“Squeeze your butt!”
“Squeeze your scaps!”
“Squeeze your lats!”

You may ask yourself, “Why the obsession with squeezing EVERYTHING!?!?”

The simple cue of “squeeze!” isn’t that simple, if done properly. To be able to maintain proper positioning in almost everything that we do in CF, you must be squeezing something. That means EVERY position is an ACTIVE one! No “just going through the motions today”!

In overhead movements, you are asked to squeeze your butt to ensure that your hips and shoulders are aligned properly and you don’t expose the rib cage.

In a deadlift or bar hanging movement, we ask you to squeeze your scaps and lats – but are you? Do you really know what it truly feels like?

To make things a little easier, we try to get you into the proper positioning in warm ups and with skill review. It is very important that you actually get into the correct position and don’t half a$% the warm up.

At this point, everyone is familiar with pulling their scaps back and down, but we very rarely keep our lats engaged. The lats. Let’s talk Lats.

In order to engage this HUGE muscle (taking up a large majority of your back), it helps to imagine squeezing the juice out of an orange. (Or any other citrus fruit you prefer). Once the scaps are pulled back and down, imagine the orange under your arm pit. You will rotate your shoulder down (squeezing the juice)…this should get your lats engaged and ready to do work!

Get into the habit of standing with your arms out straight, retracting your scaps, then “squeezing the juice” to wake those lats up!

The lats help to protect the spine and keep us in a good lumbar position in everything!
Make sure you properly use those bad boys!!!

Warm up
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of movement prep
*ankles, hips, t-spine
3-5 minutes of workout prep
– hollow hold (5-10 seconds)
– TGU 1/side
– Snatch grip push press


A. Snatch grip RDL @31×1, 5 sets of 3, rest 60 sec
15 min amrap
10 kb swings
10 box step ups
30 jump rope singles

side plank hold x 30 sec. /side x2

A. Snatch grip RDL @31×1, 5 sets of 3, rest 60 sec
kb swings (55/35)
box jumps (24/20)
double unders

side plank hold x 30 sec. /side x2

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