Memorial Day Schedule

Monday Memorial Day Schedule is as follows:

Warm Up
3-5 minutes of workout prep
– KB skater squat
– ring row complex
– 5-10 hanstand hold against wall
– strict t2b or k2e


A1. DB lateral box step ups, 4/side x 3 sets
A2. DB bent over row x 8/side x 3
20 min
3 plank walk outs
10 kb swings KB
20m walking lunge steps
50 jump rope singles

A.1 KB lateral box step ups; 20/15” x 4/side x 3 sets, rest 60 seconds
A.2 DB bent over row x 5/side x 3 sets, rest 60 seconds
max rounds in 20 minutes
400m run
then 3 rounds of
3 strict HSPU or 1 wall walk
6 T2B
12 lunge steps