Finding Balance


A few essential steps to finding Balance in your life:

1. Recognition. First, you need to have awareness around what it is you are doing. Ask yourself how are you spending your time, and what is it exactly that you are actually doing. Recognize areas that are out of ‘balance’, underserved or missing. Are the ways you are spending your time in sync with who you are, your goals, your passions, your skills and talents? Ask questions, raise awareness, and ultimately, have gratitude for this awareness—a first step towards true equilibrium.

2. No judgment. No matter what answers your awareness generates, create a no judgment zone for yourself. Take full responsibility for wherever you are—fulfilled or unfulfilled alike.

3. Dream a little dream. It’s up to you to determine what your life looks like—what do you want your life to look like? Get inspired here. Ask: How can I change rules of the game?  It all starts with your thought process—to get areas you want your balance.

4. Create an action plan. Be it a change in your schedule;  a weekly time set aside to connect with a best friend; meal-prep on the weekends to allow for more time and less stress during the weeks; sending out a resume to five new contacts or taking the first steps towards starting your own business…the world is your oyster. Connect with the feeling of creating a better schedule for yourself—one that aligns with your goals, passions and dreams.

Your work is to LIVE your life.

It is only when you don’t feel you have that balance that there is struggle in your work versus life.

Source: OPEX

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