Goblet squats x 10
forward wall slides with ext rot. x 10
scap pull ups x 10
hollow rock x 12
handstand hold (belly to wall) hand shifts x 20


A. BN PP + OHS – 1+1 x 5 sets .. building EMOM to a HS with 3 sec. pause in the bottom
B.1 DB bent over row x 8/side x 2 sets
B.2 Db bench press x 8 reps x 2 @ 4XX2 tempo
B.3 Static chin over bar hold x 10 sec. x 2
B.4 ring support hold x 20 sec. x 2
cal on rower
cal on ab
-rest 3 minutes-
cal on rower
cal on AB
-rest 3 minutes-
800m run

Cool down:
bench oh stretch x 60 sec.
calve stretch x 60 sec.
z-stretch x 60 sec. per leg

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