3-5 minutes of workout prep

scap pull up x 10

support shrug x 10

Goblet squats @ 10.10.x.x for 5 reps

hollow to arch swing on pull up bars x 10

jump rope hand position by feel




A. E2MOTM – alternating x 10 minutes

**strict HSPU **build from last week by 1 rep + 25 sec. hold

**Kip or butterfly swing + kipping or butterfly pull ups (3 + feel)

B. E2MOTM – alternating x 10 minutes

**good morning x 6 + TGU x 1 per side @ tough weight

**goblet skater squats x 6-8/side + rope slam x 20 sec. @ max out put

C. E2MOTM – alternating x 14 minutes

**200m sprint

**20/15 cal on the aB


Cool Down

bench OH stretch with partner x 20 sec. x 2

calve stretch x 30 sec. per leg x 2

partner pull up bar stretch x 20 sec. x 2

banded hamstring stretch x 60 sec. per leg


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