3-5 minutes of workout prep

kb lateral squats x 10/side

kb single leg RDL x 10/side

bottoms up kb press x 10/side

scap pull ups x 10




A.1 BS; 50%x5, 60%x5, 70%x3x3, rest 1 minute

A.2 Strict pull up Cluster; 50% of max reps x 2-3 clusters x 3 sets


For time:

400m run

50 wall balls, 20/14#

400m farmers walk, 35/24# per hand

35 wall balls, 20/14#

400m run

20 wall balls, 20/14#


Cool Down

wall stretch x 60sec. per leg

doggy pose x 2 minutes

seated straddle stretch x 2 minutes