3-5 minutes of workout prep

banded good mornings x 30 reps

TGU x 5/side – light weight

Goblet squats @ 23×1 tempo with upright chest and low hips x 10 reps




A.1 Push Press + Push Jerk; 2+2 x 2 then 1+1 x 2 sets **build from last week

A.2 Good Morning x 6-8 x 4 sets



calories on rower

kb swings, 70/55#


~rest 3 minutes~


10 sec. max effort Calories on bike

rest 50 sec.

x3 rounds


**guys look to hold over 1000 watts / girls over 500 watts


Cool Down:

bench OH stretch x 2 minutes

banded leg stretch x 60 sec. per direction

straight leg/ across body/ outside


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