3-5 minutes of workout prep
single leg RDL x 10/side
skater squats x 10/side
glute brigde x 10
scap pull ups x 10
kip swing x 10


A1 Seated High box jump x 5 reps x 3 sets
A2 bb curls x 8-10×3
A3 DB tricep roll backs x 8-10×3
20 minute amrap
60 double unders
40m farmers walk @ 55/35# per hand
20m double kb lunge step @ 55/35# per hand (held in front rack)
10 strict dips
5 weighted pull ups

*can sub in 3 rope climbs or 3 Mu for 5 weighted pull ups

Cool Down
partner OH stretch x 10 sec. x 3
twisted cross x 1 minute per arm
pigeon pose x 1 minute per leg

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