Warm up
special Turkey day warm up
Teams of 3 must complete the following
30 minute amrap
200m run
max reps wall balls, 20/14#
max reps burpee pull ups
200m run
max time farmers hold , 70/55# per hand
max time plank hold, 45# on back

*the way this workout goes;
~the time keeper is the partner running
~P1 does 200m run, while P2 does max reps wall balls, p3 does max burpee pull ups
~each person will cycle through that triple, once each partner has complete 1 round of each exercise they will move onto the next triple
~P1 does 200m run, P2 does max distance Farmers hold, whole P3 does max time plank hold
~once they finish this triplet they go back up to the top
~they will continue in this fashion for the whole time