3-5 minutes of workout prep
single leg glute bridge x 10/side
skater squats x 10/side
TGU x 3-5/side
alt. v-ups x 20


A. Split Jerk; 50×3, 60×2, 70×2, 80×1, 85×1, 90×1 then 2-3 more HS from here
B. Strict HSPU/Strict dip/strict push up – 1 set of max reps
*choose the movement that is most challenging but you can do with good form
20 minutes on the clock max rounds
3 DL @ 225/135
6 burpees over barbell
12 K2E
rest 20 sec.
10 push ups
12 box jumps w/ step down, 24/20″
15 cal row
rest 90 sec.

**you can scale push ups up to ring push ups or strict dips

Cool Down
seated straddle x 60 sec.
wall stretch x 60 sec. per leg
cobra pose x 15

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