3-5 minutes of workout prep
x-band walks x 10/side
goblet lateral squats x 10/side
TGU x 5/side


A.1 Bench press x 5×4
A.2 Good Morning x 5×4
B. 6-8 minute – gymnastics UB push practice… no more then 20 total reps.. full range perfect positioning work – work on HSPU off a box perfecting the decent with hand to head positioning or proper scapular traction on dips
18 minute on the clock
15 kb swings, 55/35
10 box jumps, 24/20” with step down
5 t2B
rest 20 sec.
500m row
rest 60 sec.

Cool Down
foam roll upper lats and upper back for 2-3 minutes
wall stretch x 60 sec. per leg
calve stretch x 60 sec. per leg