3-5 minutes of workout prep
single leg glute bridgex 10/side
scap pull ups x 10
support shrugs x 10
lateral bounds w/ pause x 10/side
wall angels x 10


A.1 BN Sn grip PP + BN Sn grip Push Jerk (1+1) x 3-4 sets… hold each PJ catch for 3 sec.
A.2 BB curls x 8 x 3-4 sets @ 2121 tempo
A.3 db tricep kick backs x 8/side x 3-4 sets @ 2121 tempo
18 minutes on the clock to finsih the following:
50 wall balls, 20/14#
50 push ups
50 cal on aB
50 double unders
50 cal on aB
50 push ups
50 wall balls, 20/14#

**you can also sub in calories on rower for calories on bike

Cool Down
bench oh stretch x 2 minutes
wall stretch x 2 minutes per leg
lat foam roll x 2 minutes per side

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