3-5 minutes of workout prep
skater squats x 5/side
single leg DL x 8/side
wall angels x 15
KB wind mill x 10/side


A.1 FS; 50×3, 60×3, 70×3, 80x3x2, rest 30 sec.
A.2 Weighted dip with 3 sec. hold in bottom + 3 sec. support hold x 3-5 x 5, rest 30 sec.
A.3 DB Row x 5/side x 5, rest 30 sec.
teams of 2 must complete the following 15 minute amrap
800m run (200m run x 2 per person)
100m walking lunge with 45/25# hold OH

*for the 800m run; P1 runs 200m then P2 runs 200m, then P1 200m and P2 200m
**switching every 20m between partners
***you can do this workout solo if you want ….. YOLO

cool down
wall stretch x 60 sec. per side