-5 minutes of workout prep
goblet squats x 10
banded good mornings x 10
x-band walks x 10/side
banded face pulls x 10


8 minute EmOM
odd = 3 FS @ 80% (warm up to 80% before this starts)
even = amrap strict ring pull ups (neutral grip)
3 sets (30-45 sec. rest bt. efforts)
30ft. hand over hand drag
seated russian twist x 30 reps – no weight and fast
4 rounds for time
10m double kb front rack walking lunge, 55/35# per hand
10m burpee broad jumps
10 T2B

Cool Down
bench OH stretch x 60 sec.
wall stretch x 60 sec. per leg
pigeon pose x 60 sec. per leg

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