5-10 minutes of mobility/activation work
ankels, hips, upper back
glutes, scaps
5 minutes of movement prep
ARe squats x 1 round
banded good morning x 15
bottoms up walk x 10m per side
Suitcase walk x 10m per side


A1 bb on back; lateral box step ups x 5/side x 4 (20/15″ box)
A2 BB curls x 10-12x 4
A3 banded tricep ext. x 10-12 x4
A4 seated russian twist x 20×4
15 minute amrap
15 box jumps, 24/20″ with step down
15 kb swings, 70/55#
15/12 calories on the AB

**can add in 3 MU after each round

Cool Down
partner OH stretch x 20sec. x 2
banded leg stretch x 30sec. per direction x 2
calve stretch x 30sec. per side x 2