5-7 minutes of mobility/activation work
*ankles, hips, t-spine, shoulders, glutes, scaps
5 minutes of movement prep
lateral goblet squats x 10/side
med ball reverse toss to partner x 10/side
TGU x 3 minutes – light weight


A1 Bench Press x6x3 @ 80%
A2 DL; 80x5x3
250m row
5 HPC – work on cycle and using the hook grip.. choose weight based around your level
7 push ups
35 double unders
7 push ups
250m row
rest 2 minutes
x3-4 rounds

*scale up options (ring push ups, or HSPU for push ups

Cool Down
pigeon pose x 30sec. per leg x 2
banded leg stretch x 30sec. per direction
cobra pose x 15

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