7-10 minutes of mobility/activation work
*ankles, hips, upper back, scaps, glutes
5-7 minutes of movement prep
2 minutes of TGU – light weight
wall angels x 10
x-band walks x 20/side
banded good mornings x 10


A Back Squat; 50×5, 60×5, 70×5, 80×5
B kb or DB row x 10-12 per side with pause @ chest x 4 sets

Partner Workout:
18 minute amrap for total reps
90ft. heavy unbroken sled push
20 sec. L-sit Hold on P-lettes (must accumulate 20 sec. each round)
amrap Bwt Bench Press, 75%, 50%

Cool Down
wall stretch x 30 sec. x 2
banded leg stretch x 30sec. per direction
twisted cross x 30 sec. per side x 2

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