3 minutes of z1 work
7-10 minutes of mobility/activation work
*ankles, hips, upper back, lats, scaps, glutes
5 minutes of movement prep
Hip Hinge x 15 reps
Skater Squats x 10/side
Bottoms up press x 10/side
Scap pull ups x 10


A1 Single leg RDL x 6/side x 4
A2 Ball Push ups x 10-20 x4
A3 Powell raise x 8-10/side x 4
5 DL @ 70-80% (15 sec. here.. if you finish under 15 sec. you can rest remaining time)
45 sec. burpee over barbell
45 sec. max calories on AB
rest time = partner’s work time
x3 rounds

Cool Down
bench oh stretch x 30 sec. x 2
cobra to downward dog x 10
pigeon pose x 30 sec. x 2

Sweat Sesh
5 minute AB
5 minute Row
5 minute amrap
(farmers carry x 1 minute, plank x 1 minute, jump rope x 1 minute, Jog x 2 minutes)

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