5 minutes of movement prep
scap pull ups x 10
support shrugs x 10
Kip swings x 10
Skater squats x 10/side
Good Mornings x 10


A1 Good Morning x 6-8×3
A2 Push Press; 4.3.2
A3 banded face pulls x 10-12×3
2 Heavy DL’s
rest 20 sec..
1 minute am rap push ups
rest 20 sec.
2 heavy DL’s
rest 20 sec.
1 minute am rap farmers walk, 70/55# per hand
rest 20 sec.
300m run
rest 2 minutes
x3 rounds

cool down
wall stretch x 30 sec. per leg
upward dog x 10
pigeon pose x 30 sec. per leg

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