A Power Clean with pause @ knee; working for 10 minutes. Each set is done as a double or triple. These are not TnG’s, reset and focus on the set up each time. Each pause is done above the knee and hold there for a good second.
B Jerk (rack) working for 10 minutes. Each set is done as doubles with a pause in the dip. Work on the good set up, loading your lungs with air before you dip and having a good positioning in the dip. When you drive out of the pause do not re dip.. just drive straight up.
Minute 1 = 50 double unders
Minute 2 = max distance Farmers walk @ 70/55# per hand
Minute 3 = Strict weighted dip cluster; 3.2.1 **add weight if you can rest 5 sec. bt. clusters
Minute 4 = Sled drag (backwards in full ext.) x 100ft. (heavy)
x4-5 rounds

Cool Down
partner OH stretch x 30 sec. x 2
banded leg stretch x 30 sec. per direction

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