A Snatch; from pause @ knee @ 80% of last week’s heavy single x 2 reps OtM x 10 minutes

**For those who are not snatching**
A1 Single arm DL x 5/side x 3 w/ a barbell
A2 100FT. sandbag carry x 3 sets
A3 30 sec. heavy yoke support hold x 3 sets
A4 Hercules hold (palms down) x 30sec. x 3 sets

4 rounds for time
30 double unders
21 sit ups
30 double unders
15 lateral box jump overs, 24/20″
30 double unders
9 db thrusters, 35/20#

Cool Down
bench oh stretch x 30sec. x2
wall stretch x 30sec. per side x 2

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