3 rounds of the following
A1 halft kneeling bottoms up press x 8/side, rest 30
A2 Single arm db or kb row x 8/side, rest 30
A3 50ft. heavy d-ball or sandbag carry, rest 30
A4 Cosack squat x 5/side, rest 30

teams of 2
5 minutes – max effort sled push while partner holds one kb in front rack position (must switch hands each round) – pushing the sled 100m @ a time @ 2/1 plates
5 minutes – max farmers carry @ 70/55# per hand – 100m @ a time while partner pedals on AB @ 80/60 RPM


5 minute amrap
20 double unders
20m seal walk
20m burpee broad jump
**switching after each exercise