A Slow Snatch w/ pause @ knee; perform 2 singles and building based around ability for 12 minutes **post warm up.. if you can’t OHSQ then perform just a Power Snatch
10 minutes
8 cal on ski erg
6 hang squat cleans @ 95/65
4 burpees over the bar

rest 5 minutes (this rest should be done on the rower @ a slow steady pace)

10 minutes
20 second rope slams
15 box jumps, 24/20″
10 renegade rows (per side) – 40/25# per hand

**group 1 on first amrap, group 2 on second then switch

finisher work
2 rounds
rear delt flies x 15
hercules hold x 30sec. (thumbs up)
tricep ext. x 15/side

Cool Down
bench OH stretch x 30 sec. x 3
wall stretch x 30 sec. per leg x 2
down dog to up dog x 15

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