A1 Front Squat; heavy single @ 32×1 tempo in 3 attempts
A2 Weighted pull up; heavy single, rest 10 sec.
A3 supinated ring rows x 8-12×3, rest 90 sec.

Parnter Workout, one partner working at a time, try to limit rest time.  Break up reps as needed

3 Mins of Max Deadlifts 185/125 (mod: KB DLs)
– 1 min rest
3 Mins of Max Box Jumps (mod: step ups)
– 1 min rest
3 Mins of Max Stones (mod: med balls)
– 1 min rest
3 Mins of Max Pull Ups (mod: kb swings)
– 1 min rest
5 Mins of Max “Cheater” Burpees (don’t open your hips fully)
– 1 min rest

Challange, perform 2 rounds with partner.



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