“Labor Day Throwdown”

Teams of 2 must complete max rounds in 25 minutes
800 CFM hill run
15 synch hang power cleans @ 95/65# (synch will occur with the catch up top)
10 alternating upper body pushes

*Teams will run together.
**The barbell will be synched when they are each standing in extension w/ elbows in front of the bar.
***The upper push movement can be push ups, dips, strict HsPU. Both partners will be in the support/start position, then one person will do one rep. P1 will then finish and hold the support while P2 does rep 2, etc…This is a ”seesaw” approach while one partner is always holding support position.

****you can scale up by doing a heavier weight for 5 reps (65-70% of PC max), and increase the upper bod push number to 15 each round.