The Gym will be closed due to weather conditions.  Check back here or facebook for mornings updates.

IMG_72703-5 minutes of workout prep
sumo squat to stand *heels elevated with tight hips and ankles x10
Trap 3 raise x10/side
hollow rock x 20
Forward wall slides x 10/side


*Test week. Everyone post your results on the whiteboard.


A. BS; 5 reps x 5 sets @ 2121 tempo
B. BB supinated bent over row x 5×3 @ 2121 tempo
DB box step ups, 20/15″
calorie row

A. BS; take up to a tough single in 5 attempts
5 reps @ 55%
3 reps @ 60-70%
2 reps @ 70-80%
1 rep @ 85-95%
1 rep @ new max
B. Max effort CTB or reg. pull ups… go for broke.. note where your form breaks down; rest 2 minutes x 2 sets
hang squat clean, 115/75
calorie row

“Sweat Sesh”
8K row
after each 1K get off and do a 30 sec. handstand hold and 60 sec. hollow hold