ARE squats x 2 rounds
wall angels x 15
kip swing on p-bar (arch to hollow and staying tight)
Hollow hold x 60 sec. (as few sets as possible)


A.1 Burpees/Squat Thrust x 10 sec. @ max effort, rest 30 sec.
A.2  AD sprint x 20 sec. @ max effort, rest 30 sec.
A.3  Row sprint x 30 sec. @ max effort, rest 2 minutes
20 minutes on the clock – top of every 5 minutes complete the following as a 3 minute amrap
4 box jumps
6 kb swing*only to shoulder height
8 BB front rack walking lunge steps – tough weight of choice here

*scale the box jump up to 30/24″ if you can do it comfortably

“Sweat Sesh”
60 minute AB ride steady effort.. moderate wattage here