5 minutes of workout prep
goblet squats x 10
multi angled lateral squat x 10/side
bear crawl/spider walk x 20m
scap pull ups x 10


A Snatch work – 12-15 minutes
20 minute amrap
200m run
100m sled push, 3/1 plates
200m run
80 air squats
200m run
60 K2E
200m run
40 box jumps, 24/20” with step down
200m run
20sec. handstand hold – belly to wall
200m run

**can sub in aB or row for 15/12 cal for the 200m run
**can sub in 20 strict HSPU for the hold

Cool Down
wall stretch x 30 sec. x 2
pigeon pose x 30 sec. x 2