5 minutes of movement prep
lateral plate pushes x 10/side
open palm plate press x 10/side
banded good mornings x 20
bottom of squat hold x 2 minutes – use pool for good UBack position


A1 good morning x 6-8×3
A2 bb row x 6-8×3
13 minute amrap
55 cal row
45 double russain kb swings, 35/24# per hand
35 wall balls, 20/14#
25 push ups (can scale up to dips or HSPU)

~rest 3 minutes~

6 minute armap
40m farmers walk, 70/55# per hand
30 double unders
20 sec. Hollow hold

***CF open’s 16.4 will be going down @ 9-10:30.

Cool Down
bench OH stretch x 30 sec. x2
wall stretch x 30sec. per leg x 2
downward dog to up dog x 15-20 slow passes