5-7 minutes of movement prep
single leg squats x 10/side
lateral goblet squats x 10/side **angled and reversed
Suitcase DL x 10/side
scap pull ups x 10


A BS – take up to a heavy double with perfect form in 3 attempts
50×3, 60×3, 70×2, then 3 attempts for a heavy double
**mix in seated high box jump x3x5 sets bt. the back squat sets
B. DB bent over row x 10/side x 3 sets
12 minute amrap
1 rope climb
10m heavy db walking lunge steps
3 strict chin ups
10 ball slams, 30/20#

Cool Down
partner OH stretch x 30 sec. x 2
wall stretch x 30sec per leg x 2
pigeon pose x 30sec. per leg x 2